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Show your love for Threads by making your own 3D printed Threads logo flair! It’s easy, fun, and customizable!

Are you looking for a way to show your love for Threads, the social network by Instagram? Why not try making your own 3D printed Threads logo keychain?

The Threads logo flair is a solid 1-piece part with no support necessary. Mine is red and made from squishy TPU filament, which is a flexible and durable material that can withstand impacts and abrasions… but you can print yours in any material you like! TPU filament is also easy to work with, as it has a higher glass transition temperature than PLA and can handle low temperatures well without becoming brittle.

To make your own Threads logo flair, you will need the following:

  • A 3D printer that can print your chosen filament. Don’t have your own 3D Printer? See these options!
  • A spool of your chosen filament. You can choose from different brands and colours here, have fun!
  • A 3D model of the Threads logo. You can download it for free here, or from Thingiverse.
  • A slicer software that can generate G-code for your 3D printer. I have been using Cura, which is free and easy to use.
  • A key ring or a chain to attach your Threads Logo Flair to your keys, bag, or even a necklace!

Once you have everything ready, follow these steps:

  • Load the 3D model of the Threads logo flair into your slicer software and adjust the settings according to your preferences and filament type. You should print this model flat and require no support material to complete this project.
  • Save the G-code file and transfer it to your 3D printer via SD card, USB Cable, or wirelessly depending on your setup. I use Klipper so I do this wirelessly.
  • Load the filament into your 3D printer and start the print. The print should take less than an hour to complete, depending on the size of your flair.
  • Once the print is done, remove it from the build plate and peel off any supports or brims. You should have a smooth looking Threads logo keychain, necklace, or bag-tag that looks like the ones in the photos on this page!
  • Attach a key ring or a chain to the hole at the top of the keychain and enjoy! Otherwise, you can use a string, chain, whatever you like!

You have just made your own 3D printed Threads logo flair & keychain, or necklace, or bracelet! You can now show off your passion for Threads wherever you go. You can also make more in different colors or sizes and give them to your friends as gifts. Have fun and happy printing!

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